Becoming an advanced Pythonist with Projects – book recommendation

Becoming an advanced Pythonist with Projects

Becoming a senior python developer

I often asked by fellow junior developers – “how to become better at Python”.

Besides learning from books, I always suggest working on real world projects,

Building something you’d use yourself, or at least on that will be useful for others.

Few examples

  • A sentiment analysis bot for the Crypto market
  • A personal video library manager
  • Twitch chatbot
  • Book discovery platform

Practical Python Projects free book

Yasoob Khalid, the author of the book “Practical Python Projects” decided to release it for free.

And what I love in this book, is the combination of learning and practice – real world projects, useful and intereseting.

Screenshot from the table of contents

The book covers the following topics:

The book covering also the production aspects, such as deployment with Docker and Docker compose, NGINX and more.

If you find the book useful, Tweet a shoutout to the author here.


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